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Laser Welding

Laser Welding

What is laser welding?

Simply stated, it is the ability to weld metals using amplified light as the source to produce the weld. The light is concentrated, adjusted and controlled by the jeweler in much the same way he would control the flame of a soldering torch, but with far more refined precision and accuracy. Because little heat is generated during the process, set stones remain undisturbed. A stronger weld is ultimately achieved.

What type of metals can be welded with the laser?

All the traditional metals can be laser welded, including base metals, Karat Gold, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Palladium and Platinum, offering a complete array of design, redesigns and repair options. Best of all, platinum, the rarest and most precious of the metals, and historically the most difficult to work with, is rendered much easier to use with this new technology.

Can you repair Eyeglasses?

Yes, we can now repair many things that were previously unrepairable like eyeglasses and costume jewelry. The addition of the laser welder is just one more thing that allows us to serve you better.

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