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The Jeweler - Diane Rose Sugg-Santoro

Diane Rose Sugg-Santoro

Diane Rose Sugg-Santoro graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Fine Arts Metalsmithing. She carried on her training with a master diamond setter and the GIA gemological program. Also along with being a jeweler, Diane Rose enjoys creating large scale sculptures in her studio at home, and breeding champion Weimaraners. They have now become as big of an attraction as our jewelry.

After working as a freelance designer and fabricator for many years Diane Rose went into business for herself. She became incorporated in 1989 and opened her first store in Garden City. She then moved to her current Ann Arbor location in 1995.

Diane Rose’s designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the stones she works with. Making her pieces custom wearable art utilizing fine gems, diamonds, minerals and fossils (many cut to her specifications) set in a variety of metals (Platinum, gold, silver, palladium, kuromido, and copper). Diane Rose strives to be on the cutting edge of design and technology. She has recently acquired a Rofin-Baasel laser welder that allows many designs come to fruition that had not been possible the conventional way.

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